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In NOVA’s redneck past, there are many colorful figures, but few have been as colorful as John C. McClure who was a paratrooper, Nazi, Pagan MC member, and a jail breaker. McClure was born in 1939 in West Palm Beach, FL and was an imposing presence with a full beard and shaggy red hair. He was in the 82nd Airborne at Ft. Bragg in Fayetteville in 1958 when he was arrested for narcotics possession and given a 3 year suspended sentence.

In 1962 he arrived in Arlington, VA to become a full-fledged member of the American Nazi Party after reading some of George Lincoln Rockwell’s literature. He went through several months of training in Arlington before heading back to Florida in February ’63 to lead an effort to set up an American Nazi Party (ANP) branch office. After training in Arlington, he moved his wife and three kids to Miami to open up the southeast division of the ANP. The effort caused a huge controversy in the newspapers in South Florida. McClure immediately gained notoriety when he and his cohorts got involved in a brawl while protesting outside a pro-Israel meeting. In March he was hauled into court because police found him with a handgun which his narcotics possession conviction precluded him from having. While in jail his cellmates beat him, but police claimed he fell off of the top bunk. The judge gave him a choice of serving time or leaving Dade County forever and he chose the latter. As he left the courtroom an unidentified woman slapped him and said it was because she had been in a concentration camp and couldn’t bear seeing a Nazi.

Undeterred, McClure opened an office in West Palm Beach to the dismay of residents. In an article he declared that if the ANP came to power “negroes would be sent back to Africa” but the party hadn’t yet decided what to do with the Jews. Evidently folks back at Nazi HQ weren’t happy with his progress because George Lincoln Rockwell decided to throw McClure under the bus and announced that McClure had no authority to set up anywhere but Miami (because that’s “where the enemy is”). Rockwell pointed out that McClure was not very high in the party echelon and went on to say that he was coming down to personally supervise setting up a Miami office. Politicians are politicians no matter how nutty and they will eat your left nut if they need to.

By 1965 he was back in the Washington area counter protesting the anti-Vietnam war protests. Around this time, he joined the Pagans and it seems likely that he was present for the founding of the club. His nickname among his Pagan brothers was “Big John”, but this seems like a weird moniker because he was only 5’11” and 140 pounds. My guess is the name referred to his big presence and he probably punched above his weight.

In 1968, while living at 5414 S. 8th Pl. in South Arlington, McClure was involved in an incident at the Georgetown Peoples Drug Store at Wisconsin and O Street. The Georgetown Peoples was a popular spot for bikers and the parking lot was a meeting place for hippies, bikers, and drug dealers. From what I can gather in the newspaper reports, the problem arose from a drug deal between two groups and McClure was aligned with one of the groups.

At 2 AM on a Sunday morning two groups of youths got into some kind of brief dispute in the Peoples parking lot. A few minutes later McClure joined one group and went with them to their car and a bit later the two groups confronted each other again and McClure shot one person dead and wounded another with a .22 caliber pistol. The two guys shot down by him, were recent Wilson High School graduates who came to Peoples from a post-graduation party. Something strange happened among this group of people and it seems like the two guys shot by McClure were monkeying around during a drug deal. McClure claimed self defense in the shooting and apparently thought the other group was some threat to him.

McClure went on the lam and the FBI produced a wanted poster. The poster describes him as:
“a former member of a motorcycle gang, usually wears boots and blue
jeans, may have upper front tooth missing. McClure is being sought for
Murder in which victim was shot with a .22 caliber revolver. Considered
extremely dangerous.

It lists his past crimes as AWOL from the military, narcotics possession, and the Georgetown murder. After the manhunt, in which McClure was almost placed on the Ten Most Wanted list, he was arrested in Providence, RI. He had shaved his beard and cut his hair to try to lay low. The WaPo notes that Big John appeared frail in court, which makes me wonder if he was involuntarily detoxing in jail during the trial. The trial was chaotic as two of Big John’s Pagan brothers, Aurin “Little Jesus” Little and Earl “Moochie” Swicegood made some gesture and comment that scared some folks in the courtroom. Swicegood was held in contempt of court for threatening a witness because he allegedly made a comment that a prosecution witness was lying and he was going to blow him away. The charge was later overturned by another court.

McClure was convicted to ten years in jail. In 1972 he and a fellow inmate, Francis Fletcher, escaped Lorton and went on the run. Fletcher was a notorious thug in South Arlington with multiple convictions including gunning down a gas station attendant during a robbery. A few days after the escape Fletcher got into an accident on Columbia Pike and took off running. A cop and a citizen took him down and his escape was done. The Post seems to drop the story at this part because I can’t figure out when or if police caught up with McClure. Lorton at the time was in the midst of a rash of escapes and would soon face a riot by inmates.

After this incident, I lost the trail of McClure. By the late 80s he was in Texas or Louisiana and he died in 1993 in Kenner, Louisiana.

UPDATE: McClure was also a mechanic at Crossroads Cycle in Baileys Crossroads in the late sixties.

UPDATE 2: In researching the hippie scene around Dupont Circle I came across a new article about Mcclure. In 1967 police raided an apartment at 1629 19th St. NW in DC and found pot, .30-caliber carbine, and a sawed-off shotgu with a bayonet attached. Mcclure and Elizabeth Mechline were inside the apartment. Mcclure identified himself as a member of the Pagans and former president of the Huns. The Huns MC were a local club that patched over to the Pagans sometime in 1967.


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7 Responses to >John McClure

  1. susie says:

    I’m from alexandrite va. 1960$ thru 1974. My old man father of my son pagan Tom gall I more. Knew head Akers. Etc. GOld times

  2. Alfred Milligan says:

    John McClure published a book titles “Contra Captain” or “Solider without Fortune”. Suppose to give his experiences as a merc in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Surinam in late 1983 and early 1984.

    He claims to have a PhD in psychology and had a practice in Florida before going to Central America . He, also, claims to have been a computer consultant in New York City.
    Does any one know of him in 1983 or1984?

  3. Is this John McClure related in any way to the John McClure (sometimes uses middle initial “C” and other times “L” ) who allegedly authored the book “Soldier Without Fortune”.

    There is some concern that someone else took this McClure's identity for his background… and then on top of that faked a book story about being a part-time mercenary in Central America in the mid 1980s (after getting a PhD in college and becoming a marriage counselor in Florida where he would get bored and take off to Costa Rica to fight for a few weeks with the Contras).

    That guy just doesn't sound like this McClure here!

    • Nicole Coffman says:

      According to my stepfather, John C McClure, who died January 20th 1993, he wrote Soldier Without Fortune even though the published book lists John L McClure (he claimed it was a publisher’s mistake that screwed him out of book sales). My John had allegedly been a mercenary, 82nd airborne in Vietnam, and had a PhD in psychology. I never saw proof to any of this – just the collection of out-of-print copies of his book that my mother has bee collecting.

  4. Master Hahn says:

    Apparently not.

    Anyone know anything about him after his release from Lorton Prison in 1976 until.his death from AIDS in 1993?

    • Nicole Coffman says:

      Yes. If this is the same John Charles McClure, I was his step child. He came into my life around 1988 or so. I was six years old at the time. I was at his funeral in 1993 along with my mother and at least two of his sons, my step-brothers. I have been recently learning a lot of things about this man that I never knew, but somehow do not surprise me at all. Sounds like the same guy – Nazi lover, risky behavior, arrogant and threatening. That was my stepdad. Oh, and the book he allegedly wrote was “Soldier Without Fortune.”

      • al milligan says:

        There is a small group of us who have read the book “Soldier Without Fortune” and became interested in John McClure. One of our group was a patient of his in Florida and another was a careraman on his second trip to South America.

        You can find a great deal of our research on the Amazon page for “Soldier Without Fortune” look at the reviewer with about 800 comments

        His education all verified by the school:
        1980 PhD Nova University Fort Lauderdale Fl.

        MED (master’s in education) major counseling Florida Atlantic University attended 08/01/76 to 08/01/77

        These two were while he was still in prison.

        BA Mercer University Atlanta Ga.

        AA Highland Junior College Highland Kansas. Jan 22, 1973

        One of our group was a patient of his in 1980. His office was on West Oakland Park Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale FL in 1982.

        There’s still a question on why he left Florida in 1983, saying he was tired of psychology does make sense. This may have something to do with it. In an appeal on the death penalty conviction of Daniel Doyle, he was found to have been not licensed as a psychologist. He was an expert witness in the case.
        The statement “he was never licensed in Florida” is in the 1988 appeal page 3 at the below site:

        Another question is, did he do what he said in his book in Central America? He said he met several people in Central America but none of them mention him in their writings. His stories change from article to article.

        Did John McClure really go to Vietnam? We have a pretty good time line on his life before he went to prison and there is no interval long enough for him to have go to Vietnam.

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