>Massage Parlors and Old Newspaper Code

>During the early to mid-seventies, massage parlors were very controversial in NOVA. In 1973 C&P changed their practices for advertising such establishments by doing away with suggestive pictures and sexual language. C&P had seen an explosion in ads going from 3 pages in 1971 to 10 in 1974. Falls Church tried to impose strict regulations to run them out of business, but was overruled by the courts. In 1974 Arlington invoked a rarely used bawdy house law to charge Ronald E. Kennedy for operating lewd establishments. According to a newspaper article he ran Inga’s Superstar (1114 Wilson) massage parlor and Paramount Health Club (1100 Wilson). The article is a bit evasive about what went on in these places, but I guess we can all imagine. It’s weird reading old newspaper stories and sensing the reluctance to talk about what was really going down at these joints.

Interestingly, a search of old phone books revealed that Mr. Kennedy also operated Honeybee Escort Service out of the 1114 Wilson Blvd. location. Also, the phonebooks show that most of these massage parlors were concentrated in certain areas. They all advertised their proximity to National Airport, but the area on Rte. 1 near the airport had a particularly high concentration. Rosslyn had a lot of massage parlors too, which isn’t surprising because it was quite seedy back in the day.

One interesting parlor is Jenna’s at 1134 N. Hudson St., which was next door to the famous Keyhole Inn. Rednecks need their chili, beer, and girls.

According to Senate testimony, the Pagans supplied the women to many of these massage parlors and served as bouncers. Sound like wholesome family establishments, no?

Below is a list of some of my favorites from the phone books:

Tiki-Tiki: 1073 Broad St. and 3219 Columbia Pike Arlington
Wolf’s Den: 4613 Duke St. Alexandria
Alexandria’s Shangri-La: 121 S. Henry Alexandria
Godfather I (with International Staff!):1801 N. Oak Arlington
Zodiac: 3520 Lee Hwy Arlington
Jenna’s: 1134 N. Hudson (next door to the Keyhole Inn!)
Aphrodite: 3603 Wilson Blvd. Arlington


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  1. tbyrne says:

    >Looking for information regarding a woman who used to either work at or frequent Wolf's Den, 1974 – 1977. Known as "Bombshell" or Deb Gutierez. Last seen Dec 1977 at the London Hall Motel in DC. Trying to help a friend find out what happened to her mother. caberwalker@hotmail.com

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