>Where did the Pagans start?

>I’ve been doing a bit of research about the Pagans Motorcycle Club; trying to figure out their origens. All over the internet folks claim they were started by Lou Dobkin in 1959 in Prince Georges County, but I don’t agree with this.

In Wikipedia comments, Lou Dobkin’s wife (or someone who claims to be) says he was born in 1943 and the club was started in 1963. Another commenter claim the club originated in Vienna. There is some other evidence about their origins. The first mention of the Pagans is from a Washingon Post article in 1965 about Ray Cockerille getting in a dustup at a Centreville dance hall and Cockerille was from Vienna. Another Post article from 1966 claims they were based in White Oak, MD (in Montgomery County). In other articles I’ve read from the mid sixties, they seem to have a heavy Virginia membership. I believe they started in 1963 in Virginia and the belief that they started in PG is because the first run-ins with police was at the races in Upper Marlboro.

Update: John Hall’s book about The Pagans asserts they started in Fruitland, MD, which is south of Salisbury. I think that is highly unlikely.


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8 Responses to >Where did the Pagans start?

  1. Tom says:

    >There was a pagan compound located on Brock Bridge Road between South Laurel and Maryland City – Prince Georges County, Maryland – from at least 1970 and probably some time before. The PG connection is noted in one of Sonny Barger's memoirs, although that could just be recitation of the above.

  2. Barb says:

    >Where is Paul Ferry? Met him in federal prison, nice guy kinda shirt off your back. Tell him I said Hello……

  3. Tommy says:

    I remember from when I was in high school in Falls Church City from 1968 to 1972 – George Mason Jr./Sr. High, the only high school for actual Falls Church, the incorporated city dwellers – that a bunch of Pagans lived down in Pimmit Hills then. There was a guy from the year behind me at GM who got patched (you GM folks know who). The Pagans used to show up at parties occasionally, and they took care of a narc one time for a guy we all knew. No one I knew had any trouble with them, but that’s mostly because no one messed with them, either.

  4. D. R. says:

    Lou Dobkins started the Pagans 1959-1960 . Princes Georges county Maryland . Dutch Balwin was another original (first 13 members ) member . Richard Harding ( Mohawk ) was an original for a very short time until they found out he was under 18 , the age requirement to prospect .

  5. D S says:

    Have you ever talked to ex-members of the Pagans? The one guy I talked to, who showed me his colors (patches removed of course, because he got beat out of the Pagans) said they were located in PG County, but he didn't join until more like 1962

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  7. native says:

    Nothing mentioned about Chesapeake Beach in Calvert County MD.

  8. Melinda Lowe says:

    Actually, I don’t think it was Chesapeake Beach, it was North Beach, up the road from Chesapeake beach, (unless they moved down to CB in late 60’s) I remember Lou, I went to Chesapeake Beach every weekend from the time I was 2 till 11 or so, can’t remember all the details, My family would sometimes go to the Bar/Restaurant in North Beach, Lou, always sitting on the end bar stool the bar I think it was a backwards L, He would give me nickels to play the slots, as they were legal in MD at the time. This probably started when I was 7, I would sneak around to the last row of slots and play the cherry machines. Lou, always said “here comes the prettiest girl in town” amazing what that did for a 7-11 yr old girl. course everyone laughed. HA HA HA and people wonder why I like motorcycles and I love to gamble.

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