>Site of Hillbilly Heaven in Lorton


This is the site of the famous honky tonk in Lorton. All that’s left is a sign with ‘H H’ on it.


About Our Redneck Past

You'll find my name on the tail of my shirt.
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2 Responses to >Site of Hillbilly Heaven in Lorton

  1. Barbara Davidson says:

    I have been going to this place called hillbilly heaven since 1971. I have met a lot of people haning ou5t there on the weekends, I also worked their as a waitress and a cook and a bouncer, but most Of all I got to meet important like Conway twitty, Michael twitty and Conway;s newphew. also I meet a lot of closest friends there and I also met my husband there we have been married for 33 years. I also know the family of Earl Dixon his wife and their three children Donna, Roy and sherrie that family was very special people and I am glad to have know them.

  2. Daniela says:

    can anyone tell me whatever happened to Sherrie? I went to school with her and i often wonder how she is.

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