>Pagans MC members linked to double murder in 1970

>I’ve expanded and updated this article

Growing up in NOVA, you knew about the Pagans. NOVA was their birthplace and the source of the bulk of their original members. They established themselves as the toughest biker gang in the area during the late 60s and early 70s. By 1970, they had fired a hundred shots at a rival gang in the Safeway parking lot at Lee Hwy and Harrison St. in Arlington; had participated in a huge brawl with police in Newark; and were known as a bunch of serious roughnecks.

One thing The Pagans didn’t like was people forming independent biker gangs and would attempt to intimidate the rival gang into joining The Pagans or disappearing. This was taken to a whole new level in 1970. Some guys in Alexandria formed a biker gang called The Saints and immediately became a rival for The Pagans. Two of these guys were Lewis Hartless and Richard Newland. Newland lived at 330 N. Columbus St. in Alexandria and Hartless also lived in Alexandria. Both had roots in Roanoke. Some kind of dispute broke out near Newland’s home that resulted in Hartless firing a gun and wounding a Pagan.

The Pagans got their revenge on March 26. They abducted Newland at gunpoint in downtown Alexandria and broke into Hartless’ motel room on Rte. 1 in Alexandria. They drove them to their headquarters at the home of Richard Allen Scarborough of 2145Pimmit Drive in the Pimmit Hills neighborhood near Tysons Corner. Once inside the house the Pagans tortured Hartless and Newland for several hours. Then they drove them to the intersection of Rte. 7 and Lewinsville Rd. where they stabbed and shot Hartless and Newland.

Police managed to get one of the Pagans to talk and charged ten of them. Alexander “Head” Akers and Bradley “Lucifer” Hinckley were eventually convicted for murder and sent to prison.


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15 Responses to >Pagans MC members linked to double murder in 1970

  1. JOHN JOHN says:

    i had three uncles that were members of the Saints mc the Coffey boys Mutt Bill boy (the nice guy bandit) and Randy (rudy) (BLUE) jones they where members at the time of the beef with the pagans my aunt Georgie coffey was a biker old lady of the saints im looking for any more history on the saints mc

  2. kdub says:

    Hi, send an email to the blog's address and we may be able to help.

  3. Mark Sanders says:

    I'm mark jeffrey "doc" sanders .i knew "head" in fairfax jail 70 and in "m" building at powhatan later on when he and gregory "killer " harris were out in the tier as runners. i always wondered what happened to everyone from those days since i moved to nebraska to raise my son 20 yrs ago. those were wild and strange times …and so long ago…another world that no longer exists…except as vague foggy memories in the attic of our minds…… mark jeffrey sanders and my little boy ."chance "who is in 6th grade and on the honor roll….again..life is very,very good…!

  4. kdub says:

    Thanks for your comments. I'm glad you found your way. What was Head like in prison?

  5. Mark Sanders says:

    When i ran into head he was in what they would call supermax or lockdown at the state farm.i came in on a parole violation.since there was no room in the west housing unit , we had to wait in lockdown for some hardheads to move out.thats when i ran into head after 20 years.he and greg harris had a little business going on which was convenient at the time.it was all about the money as always.i also ran into bradley hinckley over on west housing.i hea.rd head got out and was living down in roanoke.

  6. ann pitch says:

    You all sound like you know the past well… I am looking for some pictures of STUMPO… Love the man so much. Don't have any pictures and would love to see if anybody out there does and would share… And a question about Lucifer… Was he the one who was found on the side of the road half dead and survived? Also what was his ol ladies name? By chance Marie?

  7. Dee says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. tootteabugs says:

    My dad was a Pagan from PA.. Stumpo was his name. Anyone remember him? Pics? Old stories? He was the President of Marcus Hook early 70's. I would love any info anyone could share.. Love and miss him so much.

  9. tootteabugs says:

    tootteabugs@yahoo.com SOMEONE hit me up with something PLZ

  10. Unknown says:

    I'm heads neice. He's brother Fred Falwell's daughter. Also known as 5ive he actually passed away from cancer about 15 years ago. I'd love to hear more stories.

  11. Anna Falwell says:

    I'm heads neice. He's brother Fred Falwell's daughter. Also known as 5ive he actually passed away from cancer about 15 years ago. I'd love to hear more stories.

  12. Unknown says:

    I remember both the Pagans and The Saints back in the 70's. I mainly knew a lot of the Saints however. I've heard of Head/Pagan and what I heard was really bad, but don't know first hand. But just that he was someone you didn't want to get on the bad side of. I remember when the Pagans kidnapped Lewis “Weasel” Hartless, from the Wilcox' motel lodge and he had a cast on one of his legs. I heard, straight out of the mouth of Detective Cunningham's mouth what they done to him. It was so awful what they done. So much torture, removing his cast, cigarette burns, stabbing, breaking bones and then finally killing him. Weasel was really a sweet guy to me and from what I seen, he was nice to everyone. Never seen him made or fighting anyone. This was when I was a young teenagers.
    My mom had parties in our house a lot and the Pagans had been there a few times as well as The Saints, Hells Angels and some others. This was on North Kings Hwy in Alexandria, Va. Anyone remember any of that going on ?

  13. Bobby says:

    Lots of memories growing up in the 70's. Hear Pimmit hills is still partying like hell. Last I seen Dickie Scarborough he was mopping floors in Loudon county jail. Pack Rat was also a trustee. Many years of Geeen and Sherman sticks. What a long strange trip it was. Some good memories, some bad. Some of them guys back then were some good guys. Then you had the really bad ones. The bad ones usually get what they deserved.

  14. Bonnie says:

    I had a mad teenage crush on Ray Cockerille when we were students at the Blue Ridge School, a private boarding school in Southwestern, Virginia. We were both 13. He was 6’6″ then and I thought he had a face like Elvis Presley. Occasionally, a name pops up in my memory and I search the web hoping to find out “what ever happened to…?” I’m sorry to hear that he went the direction he did and I hope he straightened out in later years.

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